I be rolling, mini style

Dawn of War II - Life-Size Space Marine

I love painting minis. Hella nerdy, sure, but I can’t help myself. It’s soothing. When I’m painting my mind gets quiet, like meditation. Or what meditation would probably be like if I didn’t fall asleep every time I tried.And, it feels good to create something. That’s why I love crafty things in general. There’s nothing like the feeling of making something under your own power, with your own two hands. Making a baby inside of me would probably feel awesome and sciencey(I’m a human petri dish!), but technically I don’t have to actually do anything to get preggers.

This past week I’ve been scouring Ebay for my own minis. A little retail therapy to add in the mix geeky hedonism. In truth, I should be paying down my debt instead of  charging over $200 on credit cards for a miniature army.  I suppose that much of an investment means that I’ll have to actually learn how to play Warhammer 40k. Eh, I’m in no rush.

My first auction came in the mail yesterday, so tonight I put all 15 pewter mans on bases. It was kind of a pain in the ass actually. Nothing fancy, just used some tac to glue them in. But trying to get the excess off took forever, just scrape, scrape, scrape for over an hour. Once the tac is dry I’ll go in and see if I can file or scrape off some more. Used tac instead of glue because the minis had tabs that go into the base slots and not all of them matched up flush. Or, if I matched them up flush, the mini would have a tilt and look like it was staring at the ground. My vicious fighting force will not be quizzically searching the enemies shoes.

So, lots of work ahead, priming, painting, and sealing, all while still painting my boyfriends army. I’m planning on taking my good sweet time with all this. I just hope that my interest holds and I don’t succumb to my crafting ADD like so many projects before.

This Youtube channel has been really useful with info and painting tutorials:



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