Mr. right now becomes Mr. yesterday

I was  seeing an old friend, figuring out if we could make it a relationship. I was beginning to think no, and then he did something that left no question.

He asked me to stop by a benefit he was running at his favorite bar. I had to work that day, and I promised to make it to a friends’ dance recital, but I said I’d make an appearance. When I got to the bar he seemed happy to see me. Distracted, but I figured he would be with all the stuff going on. I told him how I didn’t have time to change and get cute after work and that I’d only be staying a little while so he could get back to work. We sat at the bar and chatted. Well, I chatted, he remained distracted.

And then, a pretty blonde walked behind me and sat next to me at the bar. He watched her the whole way.

I was in that bar for fifteen minutes, and he couldn’t keep his eyes to himself. I left my friends, paid a $5 cover, and bought a $5 drink to be treated like shit. He texted me the next day asking me to call because he’d been doing a lot of thinking. When I talked to him, said he wasn’t ready for a relationship or we just weren’t compatible… regardless of whether we were ment to be, there’s no excuse for being rude like that. He hurt my feelings and my pride. He’s no longer a love interest, but now he’s not even a friend.


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