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I’ve met someone?

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I might have called Match sad, but I’ve actually been talking to a man I met there. Not really sure how I feel about him yet. We have plenty in common. We’ve talked on the phone several times. We’ve been out twice… But I don’t feel the spark. We stay on the phone way too long, having terribly boring conversations about the minutiae of our lives. When out to dinner it’s just like being on the phone, we have things to talk about, but it eventually it feels strained. Like I’m being interviewed.

Reading that back it sounds like I do know how I feel about him. The truth is, he’s a pleasant distraction. He seems like a decent guy, with his own small goals, who’s very invested in his family. Sounds pretty great.

I feel nothing for him sexually. If I had felt sexual chemistry, I’d probably have nailed him already. My fear is that there is chemistry and that I’m just too distracted and upset by my breakup that my sexy emitters are broken. And, my fear is that there is no chemistry, and I’ll let a good guy go. AND, my fear is that I’m trying to justify not having chemistry so that I’ll stick it out and start a new relationship. A relationship that I’ll hate eventually.

It’s just talking and a couple dates. I’ve decided keep my thoughts on the back burner and just let him be nice to me. If something grows, it grows. If we start turning into the most boring couple ever, then I’ll put the kibosh to our becoming a couple at all. Definitely need to keep the phone calls to a minimum. Texting has the potential of being more flirtatious anyway.


Cable free

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My remote control got lost while I was cleaning one day, and after about a month it has yet to resurface. But come to find out, it didn’t bother me to not have a remote. Most of my time is spent on the computer. The only times I turn the tv on were for soft background noise when curling up for a nap on the couch, and for the couple of free minutes I had in the morning when I didn’t want to wait for the computer to boot up.

After talking about it to my boyfriend (and suffering his teasing at my lack of follow through) I finally canceled my cable service. The cable rep asked me why I was cancelling. I don’t think that they have a solid dissuasion technique down yet. Instead of trying to guilt/insult/discount me into changing my mind, the rep did as I asked. They did, however, call me the next day to offer a discount and try to scare me into changing my mind, but the woman was nicer than cable reps I’d dealt with in the past. I still have DSL with them.

(Quick story: My first internet connection was dial-up. I got one of the free AOL disks and just continued to pay after the trial. When I was packing up for college, taking the only computer in the house with me, I called AOL to cancel. I told their rep that I didn’t need internet at home because I was going off to school. He tried to offer me a discount, which I declined. And then he asked, “Well what if you drop out of college?” Really?! You’re willing to try insult or demoralizing your client in hopes that she will retain your service. Sorry, no.)

Technology is changing. I don’t watch television shows on the tv. Hulu gives me a lot of shows, HuluPlus even more for only eight dollars, and Net Flix is only eight or something. Why should I spend fifty dollars on a service I can get for eight to fourteen? And until cable companies in the US start charging for bandwidth, like they do in Canada, their business is going to suffer. Blockbuster filed bankruptcy because of Red Box and Net Flix. Television is becoming old technology and if you hang on to it you’ll end up with bankruptcy too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hoping for it to happen anytime soon. I’m just hoping to keep down the silly lawsuits, like the music industry went through.

(Second, slightly unrelated, story: I wrote a local business about the sorry state of their website. I don’t mean to be mean, but I wouldn’t buy anything from them based on their jumbled, eye sore of a site. Technology is changing. People don’t use phone books any more. You have to put your best foot forward on the internet if you want to bring in business.)

I weep for our technological future

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I don’t work with computers. I don’t work with electronics or engines or any techy kind field. I work with people, one on one, good ol’ fashioned person to person contact. Which is why I weep for our technological future.

Last year we had six electronic sensor paper towel dispensers put in at work. Everyone washes their hands right around the same time, so at first we all complained about how much slower the dispensers were than the paper towel holder we had before. But as time has gone on, it looks like we were spoiled in those first few months. At least the dispensers gave out paper towels then. At least four of the six have a free-standing rolls of paper towels sitting nearby. That’s four out of six, broken. If not broken, then not loaded properly(even though there are instructions), or someone can’t find the key to unlock it(apparently a key from one of the other five won’t work).

Around the same time as the paper towel fiasco, we got new hand sanitizing dispensers. Instead of the small, refillable bottles, each room got an industrial sized wall mount. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if the wall mounts actually gave you hand sanitizer. Out of twenty rooms, I’ve only found three that actually work.

For all of the improvements in the sanitation field, my workplace has paid for paper towel dispensers that don’t work and hand sanitizing stations that can’t be used. We’re not talking rocket science. The dispensers have a motion detector and a small motor. The wall mounts are just levers and pulleys… and we can’t even get them to work.

This is why I weep for our technological future.

Stripes don’t do me justice

TVs and computer monitors for recycling

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My computer screen has gone stripey. I woke up one morning and three dark lines ran up and down the monitor. Now, I have a screen saver, there wasn’t anything on the screen that would leave this pattern anyway. I turned the computer off, I wiggled all the wires and replugged all the plugs. No good, still have a stripey computer screen.

My computer nerdtastic boyfriend has mentioned getting me a laptop for christmas. Awesome. A bit scary. New is scary. I love the Internets, but new technologies scare me. Almost two years ago my boyfriend replaced my computer and it took me forever to feel comfortable with it. To feel like it was mine. It was like the computer held a bomb, deep down. And if I saved too much or rooted around too deep, I might set off a virus, or break something, or erase something that crashes the entire system. Now that I’m comfortable with it I’m going back to scary newness.

It’ll be great! Right?