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Sorting out my life

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I’ve been gone awhile. First, trying to sort out my emotional shit. Then, trying to sort out my family shit. Then, trying to sort out my stage fright… Not sorted x3.

But some pressure has been taken off recently, and again I find myself unsure of where to go from here. Without a crisis to fill my brain with worry, I’m kinda floating now. I don’t know exactly what goals I should strive for. The goals that I’ve come to lately have all felt empty. Or at least not as fulfilling as I thought they would be. So if I don’t know what will make me happy, how will I steer my life?

Resume the summer of fun? Fill my time with dancing, reading, and swimming? I’ve learned my lesson on the summer of fucking. Dudes are freakin crazy ass bitches.

Resume long time projects? There’s an awful lot of sewing that still needs doing. And there’s jewelry and hair-piece making.

Start a new project or endeavor? I’ve been thinking about using my savings to get laser eye surgery. Or using the money to travel. Or saving for a townhouse. Maybe I could start a thirty day challenge. Something I could get benefit out of like going to the gym everyday, walking everyday, or cleaning a part of the house. Or meaningless things: paint the army, read more, get up earlier.

Right now I just feel tired, all the time. Burnt out. I just want to sleep all day. Oh, if only that were an option.


Dance like no one’s watching, and you really hope they’re not

Belly dancing is one of my passions. I can’t say that I’m fabulous at it or anything, but I’m highly irritated by bad belly dance.

One of my teachers explained the bad belly dance phenomena to me. See, we live in the midwest. And in the midwest everyone is nice. Everyone claps for every dancer, no one criticises, everyone is a beautiful dancing snow flake. At a hafla, or other belly dance gathering, you’re likely to see raging muffin top, stiff dancing, terrible choreography and emotionless, blank dancers. Any one of these could be compensated for, stiff dancing isn’t soo bad if the dancer is engaging and has interesting choreography. But if the dancing is stiff and their gut is hanging over, all I’m able to see on you is awful.

A friend sent me this video. Check out about half way through, IT’S FUCKING RIDICULOUS. What dance troope lets this dance be the dance that represents them? This woman teaches other dancers… Lets ignore the costume for a second. It’s not even belly dance. As a lovable children’s character, it’s an acceptable dance. As a belly dancer and teacher: the choreography was weak ass, the costuming embarrassing, and the technique stiff and flat. As a representation of her troope, it makes them look clownish. I definitely wouldn’t put this on my website or anywhere else actual people could see.

Here’s another one just for fun.