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Sorting out my life

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I’ve been gone awhile. First, trying to sort out my emotional shit. Then, trying to sort out my family shit. Then, trying to sort out my stage fright… Not sorted x3.

But some pressure has been taken off recently, and again I find myself unsure of where to go from here. Without a crisis to fill my brain with worry, I’m kinda floating now. I don’t know exactly what goals I should strive for. The goals that I’ve come to lately have all felt empty. Or at least not as fulfilling as I thought they would be. So if I don’t know what will make me happy, how will I steer my life?

Resume the summer of fun? Fill my time with dancing, reading, and swimming? I’ve learned my lesson on the summer of fucking. Dudes are freakin crazy ass bitches.

Resume long time projects? There’s an awful lot of sewing that still needs doing. And there’s jewelry and hair-piece making.

Start a new project or endeavor? I’ve been thinking about using my savings to get laser eye surgery. Or using the money to travel. Or saving for a townhouse. Maybe I could start a thirty day challenge. Something I could get benefit out of like going to the gym everyday, walking everyday, or cleaning a part of the house. Or meaningless things: paint the army, read more, get up earlier.

Right now I just feel tired, all the time. Burnt out. I just want to sleep all day. Oh, if only that were an option.


Not all acrylics are created equal, alas

What I’ve learned about acrylic paint this week was quite important. I wish that one of my friends or the painting web sites I visited had explained one very important thing: Acrylic paints have different viscosities. There’s nothing on the labels to indicate that.

When I thought I was buying craft store acrylic paint on the cheap, I was actually buying paint that’s too translucent to use on minis. GW paints are acrylic, and expensive, and hard to get out of their jars for color mixing… and the only paint with a decent color selection that will work on the miniatures.

I’d like to excuse the money I’ve already spent on craft store acrylic by pointing out how good they’d be for layering… but what’s the point. I’ll have to buy different paint, making my existing paints worthless. Unless I find a craft project that needs acrylic paint. Very unlikely. *Sigh*

The economics of gaming: paint

It seems silly, or petty, or both to quibble over the cost of paints when the minis cost so much. But, that’s exactly what I’m about to do…

I started painting my own army tonight! HUZZAH!

Usually I do all my painting at my boyfriend’s house. He has the paints and the brushes, and I used to spend lots of time over there with nothing constructive to do. Now that our schedules don’t match up as well and our time together is more precious, painting has gone to the wayside.

At first I thought that I could just take everything with me, paints, brushes, minis, the whole shabangy-bang. Huge pain in the ass. So I decided to use my craft store gift card to buy my own paints. Come to find out, craft store paints are WAY cheaper than gaming store paints. In the picture below, the acrylic paint cost me $.67. The smaller, Games Workshop paint was about $4.

Yeah, who’s ever going to need that much orange paint? Shut up! It’s a deal.

The acrylic is thinner, so I’m trying to work with it so it covers evenly. But, the there’s 12 kinds of orange at the craft store (more variety in the reds, blues and greens) and only one or two oranges from the gaming store. I don’t need to mix colors, or remember how much of each color is in each mix, the craft store sells almost any color I can think of for less than a buck.

So whether you’d call it thrifty, or cheap, it feels good to have my own paints and to save a couple bucks. Now to amass an army of paints for to paint my Sisters of Battle.

I be rolling, mini style

Dawn of War II - Life-Size Space Marine

I love painting minis. Hella nerdy, sure, but I can’t help myself. It’s soothing. When I’m painting my mind gets quiet, like meditation. Or what meditation would probably be like if I didn’t fall asleep every time I tried.And, it feels good to create something. That’s why I love crafty things in general. There’s nothing like the feeling of making something under your own power, with your own two hands. Making a baby inside of me would probably feel awesome and sciencey(I’m a human petri dish!), but technically I don’t have to actually do anything to get preggers.

This past week I’ve been scouring Ebay for my own minis. A little retail therapy to add in the mix geeky hedonism. In truth, I should be paying down my debt instead of  charging over $200 on credit cards for a miniature army.  I suppose that much of an investment means that I’ll have to actually learn how to play Warhammer 40k. Eh, I’m in no rush.

My first auction came in the mail yesterday, so tonight I put all 15 pewter mans on bases. It was kind of a pain in the ass actually. Nothing fancy, just used some tac to glue them in. But trying to get the excess off took forever, just scrape, scrape, scrape for over an hour. Once the tac is dry I’ll go in and see if I can file or scrape off some more. Used tac instead of glue because the minis had tabs that go into the base slots and not all of them matched up flush. Or, if I matched them up flush, the mini would have a tilt and look like it was staring at the ground. My vicious fighting force will not be quizzically searching the enemies shoes.

So, lots of work ahead, priming, painting, and sealing, all while still painting my boyfriends army. I’m planning on taking my good sweet time with all this. I just hope that my interest holds and I don’t succumb to my crafting ADD like so many projects before.

This Youtube channel has been really useful with info and painting tutorials: